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Nov 2, 2022 10:20:43 AM | NEW Ticket Management System

Missouri One Call System is proud to announce the release of their new ticket management system.

Missouri One Call System is proud to announce the release of their new ticket management system. Using the new system makes the process of placing locate requests more streamlined and is now much easier to navigate. Overall, the system is more intuitive for all users.

The new ticketing system is a big upgrade for excavators. The Excavation Ticket Management (ETM) is now front and center, making it easier to view multiple tickets at login. Each individual ticket can then be quickly actioned, such as requesting a relocate or changing the excavation date, right from the front-facing page.

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You will now be able to report no responses or damages directly from the ticket, as well as adding attachments like photos of a site after it has been located, but before excavation has begun. You can also attach photos of any damages incurred. These attachments will be stored with the ticket and kept online for three to six years.

Tickets that may require action are now grouped based on the action needed. For example, you may have a list of “relocates” followed by a list of “no responses”.

From the ticketing perspective, emergency and damage tickets are now available to all users.  Also, users are able to add attachments while entering the ticket. It is much easier to create and manage job profiles that are specific to each user.

For utility members and locators, the Locator Ticket Management (LTM) is now easier to manage and set up locators and alerts, as well as has additional features like filtering and grouping tickets based on specific criteria or rules. 

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The new interface and flexibility of this system will make steps of the location and excavation processes more efficient. The official date for the system to be fully integrated is January 1, 2023, but excavators and locators are encouraged to start using the system immediately. It is already fully functional and ready to help speed up your workflow.

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