New Executive Director of Missouri One Call System

Apr 26, 2022 3:32:03 PM | News New Executive Director of Missouri One Call System

On April 18th, 2022, in Jefferson City, MO, Missouri One Call System hired Randy Norden as Executive Director.

On April 18th, 2022, in Jefferson City, MO, Missouri One Call System hired Randy Norden as Executive Director.

Randy Norden refers to himself as a non-profit executive from the utilities industries focusing on thought leadership and membership service. He currently resides in Columbia, MO but will be relocating to Jefferson City, MO. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Mr. Norden began his career in the drinking water industry serving in both state government and non-profit membership-driven capacities. As a field staff technician for Missouri Rural Water Association (MRWA), developed the skills of serving membership while learning adult education and lobbying skills. Mr. Norden is passionate about protecting life and limb and underground utility infrastructure. As more underground utilities develop in the coming years, he fervently believes that they should be - planned wisely and with respect to their natural surroundings.

Mr. Norden held various positions with Missouri Rural Water Association in his 26 years’ employment there eventually leading to Executive Director. Following his time with MRWA, he served as the Federal Programs Director for the National Rural Water Association based in Duncan, Oklahoma. Mr. Norden returned to Missouri to assist his elderly mother and then began working in the position of Director of Business and Member Development with the Missouri Public Utility Alliance (MPUA) based in Columbia, MO. This position enabled a broader experience with electricity, natural gas, and broadband and added to his previous experience with drinking water and wastewater.

While working for the MPUA, Mr. Norden received a request for consideration as a candidate for the Executive Director of Missouri One Call System (MOCS). He was thrilled about the consideration for this opportunity! He has watched MOCS mature over the years and become the organization it is today. Mr. Norden sees that the mission of helping MOCS build upon the excellent service it has performed thus far by improving service to its membership, balance, and justice for excavators, and broadening the state and national exposure of the One Call purpose. He will work with the professional MOCS staff to raise awareness of the need to call 811 before digging and ensure follow-up of properly marking utilities.

Mr. Norden is excited to work with a membership again and serve the greater good. He also feels strongly about his representation of the MOCS membership and respect of the excavation community. Open communication between them is important and is provided for by the utilization of the 811 system. He stated, “I see this as something that can never be perfected, but we can strive for excellence; we can strive for no lives lost and minimal damage.”  In closing, he remarked, “I’m very appreciative to the search committee and the board of directors for their decision to accept me as the incoming Executive Director of the Missouri One Call System.”

Mr. Norden will continue to collaborate with his predecessor, John Lansford, until Mr. Lansford’s retirement in June. 

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