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Aug 1, 2023 12:33:41 PM | Summer 23 Executive Director's Corner: Big Changes

Major changes are moving into action at Missouri 811, and I want to share with you three updates that offer you clarity and opportunity.

Major changes are moving into action at Missouri 811, and I want to share with you three updates that offer you clarity and opportunity.

1. Your Billing and Collections

Beginning in August, for our July billing, One Call Concepts will be receiving your invoice payments. We still legally remain as “Missouri One Call System, Inc.,” so you will not need a new W-9. The only thing that changes is the address if you pay by check. Please include your account number on the check.

Missouri One Call System, Inc.

7223 Parkway Drive

Hanover, MD 21076

Please send ALL ACH/EFT remittances to the following email address: payments@occinc.com

If there are any questions about payments, or you would like to sign up for ACH/EFT payments, please email jenniejamison@occinc.com or call (410) 712-0082.

The billing will soon have an itemized listing of the notification types for which you are paying. This will help you better understand what notifications you are receiving and what it is, exactly, for which you are paying.

2. Training

We will soon be setting the upcoming training classes and training goals for Fall/Winter 2023 and for 2024. Go to www.missouri-811.org to always see what is available and always for FREE to you! I encourage you to check out our Learning Management System located at https://mocs.dpacdn.training/index and get registered for training opportunities from the comfort of your home or office. Finally, never forget that we will provide PERSONALIZED training for your staff at NO CHARGE! Call any Damage Prevention Manager or our Member Operations Manager to set up this training. You can find all of us at the Missouri 811 About Us page at www.missouri-811.org

3. Operations Meeting

The Operating Committee Meeting is open to everyone and will soon come to you as the "Operations Meeting" and allows you to provide input on YOUR IDEAS for an improved ticketing operation for your locate requests and your notifications.

The Operations Meeting will remain in Jefferson City for 2023 but will occur each month as an opportunity for you to connect and provide input. If you cannot physically make the meeting, there is a Teams connection available to help you log in and participate or just listen in. Beginning in 2024, the Operations Meeting will move around Missouri to offer members a better opportunity to join in. John Spatafora, City of Columbia, serves as the Utility Leadership Chair and collaborates with us to help represent utilities in thinking forward with the Missouri 811 operations. You can reach John at jwspataf@gmail.com with your ideas. Likewise, you can reach me directly at rnorden@missouri-811.org if you have operational ideas or thoughts about legislation.

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