The Missouri & Kansas 811 Podcast with Nick and Arch

May 1, 2024 10:20:36 AM | News The Missouri & Kansas 811 Podcast with Nick and Arch

Nick Rasa with Missouri 811 and Arch York with Kansas 811 are teaming up to bring you a NEW podcast! Follow along to learn all about buried utilities and your role in keeping them safe.

Are you curious about the world beneath your feet? Do you want to learn more about the intricate network of utilities that power our daily lives? Then we have a podcast for you!

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Nick Rasa of Missouri 811 and Arch York of Kansas 811 have teamed up to bring you an informational new podcast. In the first episode, they sit down with Jeff Trowbridge from Subsurface Solutions to delve into the world of utility locating.

To start things off, the team dispels the popular belief that Missouri 811 and Kansas 811 perform the physical locating of utilities. Instead, they play a crucial role in coordinating the process with the public utility companies that own these lines, ensuring safety and efficiency. This podcast episode sheds light on this common misconception and provides an in-depth look at the practice of utility locating.

The discussion also explores the exciting career possibilities in utility locating, talking about how utility location and construction go hand in hand. They even emphasize the importance of building detailed utility maps. It's a field that's more complex and rewarding than you might think!

The conversation doesn't stop there. The three also discuss the potential for cooperation between facility owners and excavators, the importance of whitelining, locator liability, and the relationships between locators and excavators. These topics are crucial for anyone involved in excavation or construction, and the insights provided are invaluable.

So, are you ready to dig deeper? We encourage you to listen to the full podcast. Not only will you gain a better understanding of the work that goes into utility locating, but you'll also appreciate the dedication and expertise of those who ensure our utilities are safely and accurately mapped.

Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion. Click here to listen to the full podcast episode. We promise it's worth your time!

Stay tuned for more episodes, and remember, before you dig, always call 811!

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