Missouri 811's Learning Management System: Comprehensive Excavation and Safety Training – From Planning to Prevention

Missouri 811's Learning Management System: Comprehensive Excavation and Safety Training – From Planning to Prevention

In the realm of excavation, damage prevention and safety are paramount.

In the realm of excavation, damage prevention and safety are paramount. Missouri 811 recognizes this critical need and is excited to announce a comprehensive, free series of enhanced training opportunities that are available online at www.missouri-811.org. This guide will give you a sneak peek into what’s in store!

Online Learning Management System (LMS): Focusing on the Statute 319 law and damage prevention, the LMS caters to both newcomers and veterans in the industry. With flexible pacing and certification upon completion, this is a game-changer in training.

Missouri 811 Damage Prevention Awareness Course Summary

Purpose: The course is designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills for safe excavation activities near Missouri facilities.

Content: Participants will be educated on Missouri's excavation laws, regulations, and best industry practices to prevent accidents and damages near facilities.

Duration: The course is about 90 minutes long.

Structure: It is divided into 7 micro modules that discuss different stages of an excavation project, with quizzes interspersed.

Certificate: Participants will be awarded the Missouri 811 Damage Prevention Awareness Certificate of Achievement after successfully finishing the course and its quizzes.

Accessibility: The course is designed to be user-friendly across various devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles.

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Course Breakdown

The course is structured into five modules, each delving deep into aspects of excavation, damage prevention, and safety.

Module 1: The Importance of Damage Prevention Summary

Objective: This module will provide a basic understanding of the underground utility infrastructure and the potential consequences of damaging these essential services. It provides a comprehensive guide on excavation procedures, the roles of various entities like excavators, facility owners, and locators, and underscores the importance of training and competence in excavation safety.

Module 2: The Importance of Planning

Objective: In this module, you will learn to understand the importance of planning and site investigation. Learn about hazard assessments, job hazard analysis, worksite definitions, and the legal requirements when working around underground facilities.

Module 3.1: Locating and Ticketing Fundamentals

Objective: This module highlights the excavator's responsibility to contact Missouri 811 and explains the legal requirement of notification. It also gives you a deep dive into the intricacies of providing accurate, timely information, and the importance of that information.

Module 3.2: Fundamentals of Documentation

Objective: In this module you’ll dive into the how-tos of locating and marking, understanding the lifespan of locate tickets, and the importance of documentation on site.

Module 4: Jobsite Safety Measures

Objective: This module is all about safety on the job site. You will be focusing on protective measures during excavation. You’ll cover topics like reasonable care, facility support, worksite restrictions, and pre-excavation safety checks.

Module 5.1 & 5.2: Safety Guidelines and Requirements

Objective: In these modules, you will build on your knowledge of protection measures, discussing pre-excavation meetings, facility exposure, OSHA guidelines, trenching vs excavation, and the ins and outs of different types of excavation.

Think of this course as your digging buddy, there to guide you from start to finish, making sure each step is safe and spot on. Essentially, from planning your excavation to the actual digging and everything in between, this training aims to cover it all.

Missouri 811 is dedicated to fostering a culture of safety and prevention. Our new training opportunities, coupled with our collaboration with industry experts, ensure that all our stakeholders have access to world-class education and resources.

We urge all professionals involved in excavation projects to leverage these resources. Staying updated and informed is the best way to prevent damages and ensure safety for all.

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