Introducing the Excavator Learning Center!

Sep 8, 2022 10:29:30 AM | Introducing the Excavator Learning Center!

We are proud to introduce the newest tool in the damage prevention toolbox - the Excavator Learning Center.

The One Call process, the laws, the responsibilities, and all the various components of damage prevention can be complex. The Missouri One Call System (MOCS) staff and website exist as resources to help you understand your role and what tools, assets, and technologies are available to help you do your part to help keep the public safe and your underground utilities protected throughout Missouri. We are proud to introduce the newest tool in the damage prevention toolbox - the Excavator Learning Center. This is a comprehensive training program that provides education about excavating of all types. These courses are intended to clarify the process of performing your duties safely and efficiently.

You can find the Excavator Learning Center at under the Resources tab, in the Education and Training section. The first course, MOCS Damage Prevention Awareness, is available now for free. Over time, many more courses will be made available. Register to create a username and password, enabling you to log in and track your progress on your training dashboard. This will keep a running total of how many courses you have completed and how much time you’ve dedicated to this training. Also located on the dashboard, you’ll find the number of badges you have earned. Badges are acquired by completing a module and passing the tests given at the end of each module. Points are earned with every page you interact with and are also tracked on the dashboard. Click the green “Points” button at the top of the page to see where you rank on the leaderboard among others that have participated in the Excavator Learning Center.

The beginning of the first video explains the purpose of the Missouri One Call System and why the information included in the following modules is important for everyone who may be working around underground utilities. There is a brief instructional portion that will help to make navigation easier. It highlights the important function buttons and includes clickable buttons for a glossary, resource documents, and other helpful tools.

The modules of the first course are comprised of several topics. This includes the prevention of damage to underground facilities, an explanation of commonly used excavating terms and clarification on the responsibilities of anyone participating in excavation. Other topics include the process of planning and preparing to dig, including types of facilities that may be in or around a worksite. There is also a section that includes information about how to maintain a safe worksite. These and several other subjects related to excavation and safe digging are explained in this fundamental training.

Visit today on any device to take part in this informative program. Keep checking back to be further educated by the many upcoming courses. This free training was prepared to provide information about how to prevent damage, injury and especially loss of life. Participating in this exercise will help prepare you before you excavate. If someone you know is preparing to break ground on a project, make sure to suggest they complete this study first as well.

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