Mar 1, 2024 10:37:15 AM | News Empowering Safe Digging: A Look Back at Missouri 811’s 2023 Training Success

In 2023, Missouri 811 embarked on a mission to enhance safe digging practices across the state through an ambitious series of FREE training events.

In 2023, Missouri 811 embarked on a mission to enhance safe digging practices across the state through an ambitious series of FREE training events. Our commitment to educating individuals and companies on the importance of damage prevention and safe excavation practices has yielded remarkable results, including a significant milestone of approximately 1,100 participants trained throughout the year. Here is a look back at the past year’s efforts, highlighting the scale and impact of our training initiatives.

Broadening Horizons: Summary of Training Events

Our training calendar for 2023 was carefully designed to cover a wide variety of topics pertinent to safe digging and damage prevention. These events ranged from hands-on workshops, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our audience, to our online-based Learning Management System. The sessions covered crucial topics such as understanding utility maps, the correct use of digging equipment, recognizing and responding to the signs of a damaged utility, and the legalities surrounding excavation work.

Geographic Reach: Locations and Attendance

Missouri 811 offered training events throughout the state ensuring widespread access to quality, free educational resources. Each event was strategically located to facilitate easy access for participants, with venues ranging from community halls and conference centers to platforms that allowed for remote education.

The estimated attendance of each event varied, reflecting the diverse interests and availability of individuals and companies across Missouri. From smaller sessions of a dozen attendees to larger gatherings of over a hundred participants, the engagement level was consistently high, demonstrating Missouri's commitment to safe digging practices.

Check out all the locations where Missouri 811 held FREE Excavator and Locator Training sessions in 2023!


DPM Involvement

Our Damage Prevention Managers (DPMs) were hard at work in 2023, helping to keep Missourians digging safely. Their events saw participation from a wide spectrum of companies, including utility providers, construction firms, landscaping businesses, and municipal agencies. They offer a wide range of additional training options that can be customized to your company’s needs. Reach out to your area’s Damage Prevention Manager to schedule FREE training for your crew!

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Looking Ahead

As we look back on the achievements of 2023, we are thankful for the participation of all attendees and the support from companies across Missouri. The success of our training events not only emphasizes the importance of safe digging practices but also aids in expanding and enhancing our training offerings in the years to come. In 2024, Missouri 811 is expanding the learning opportunities with FREE events, such as: Boot Camps, Locator Training, Webinar Wednesdays, the virtual Learning Management System and more! For more information about in-person training events, visit If you’re interested in our Learning Management System, visit

Missouri 811 is committed to the importance of damage prevention education, continually adapting to meet the changing needs of our state. We look forward to building on the momentum of the past year, further empowering individuals and companies to dig safely and with confidence and knowledge.

Together, we can continue to protect our state’s vital underground utilities and ensure a safer future for all. Here’s to another year of making Missouri a safer place to dig! Safe digging starts with you. Every dig. Every time.

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